Deep Silver might release Homefront: The Revolution on May 17


They say “war is hell,” but it might be just as accurate to say “developing war games is hell,” especially when you look at the sorted history behind Homefront: The Revolution.

After the massive success of the first game, Homefront 2 was announced by THQ and Crytek nearly five years ago. The game was set to be developed by Crytek UK, who revealed a plan to move the action to Europe, adding a second theater to the franchise’s US-Korea conflict. After THQ’s bankruptcy woes, the rights to Homefront 2 were purchased by the developer, who promptly shifted the story back to America (specifically, Philadelphia) and added the “Revolution” subtitle. Crytek went through their own financial crisis several months later and ultimately passed the game’s rights to Deep Silver, who also acquired the developer’s UK studio, which they renamed to Dambuster Studios.

While it seems like Homefront: The Revolution might be cursed, Deep Silver has carried on anyway, and it looks like they might release the game this Spring. Officially marked with a “TBA 2016” release date, XboxAchievements recently published a picture of a Target Pre-Order Card for Homefront: The Revolution that lists the game’s release date as May 17, 2016.

Obviously, we don’t know if Homefront: The Revolution will actually be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 17, but the date is a Tuesday and the original Homefront did manage to find its fairly large audience after a Spring 2011 release. Deep Silver hasn’t commented on the release date leak, but I feel pretty confident that this could turn out to be true.

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