Axiom Verge is “really, really close” to launching for the Vita

Axiom Verge launched last Spring to ecstatic reviews and closed out the year with a trophy case full of awards. But sadly, the promised Vita release never materialized.

But it looks like a Vita launch for the game is closer than we realized. In a lengthy update on the game’s official website, developer Tom Happ confirmed that the Vita version is “really, really […] close” to release:

The tl;dr version is this: we have a list of mostly known issues that we are working through and we really, really are getting quite close.


So here’s the good news: the game is ported. It runs and is playable! Anyone who has worked on a porting project can tell you that that represents the biggest hurdle. Going from ported game to polished and shippable ported game is much easier than going from non-ported game to ported game. In fact, one of the reasons I couldn’t give a status update on the port before was that there was nothing to show. It was all plumbing and wiring. It’s only when you get everything hooked up and hit the switch that it goes from 0-100 pretty much overnight.

Happ also shared some alpha footage of Axiom Verge running on the Vita, which has been embedded above. And don’t forget, Axiom Verge on the Vita will be Cross-Buy compatible with the already-available PS4 version when it finally does get released.

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