Dead Island: Definitive Collection will be released for PS4, Xbox One on May 31

We still don’t know if Dead Island 2 will be ready for its planned 2016 launch, but Deep Silver hasn’t given up on their undead franchise.

The publisher announced today that Dead Island: Definitive Collection, which includes Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on May 31. The remastered compilation will give both games a complete visual overhaul courtesy of several fancy graphical tricks that weren’t possible before:

  • Higher Quality Textures – Game textures have been redone in a higher resolution and the level of quality has been improved across the board.
  • Photorealistic New Lighting System – The lighting system in the game has been vastly improved, providing a much more realistic look to the beautiful sunny tropical setting.
  • Physically Based Shading – The introduction of new physically based shading techniques due to the latest iteration of the Chrome Engine means a higher quality look to the game models and objects as they react in a more realistic way to various lighting conditions.
  • Image Quality Enhancements Via Anti-Aliasing – The addition of more sophisticated anti-aliasing means that console players can now experience Dead Island without unsightly “jaggies“ – meaning a much cleaner look throughout.
  • Improved-Quality Game Models and Geometry Assets – All major geometry assets (for example, NPCs and character models) highlight a marked quality increase.
  • HBAO and Motion Blur Effects – The introduction of Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion adds an extra layer of depth and realism to the world. Through a better implementation of object shadows, while the all-new motion blur effects will provide a much more cinematic feel to the game experience.
  • Updated Game UI – Providing a more consistent look between both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Increase to equal quality level for seamless game experience.

Both games in the Dead Island: Definitive Collection will include all of the previously released downloadable expansions, as well as new features like online four-player co-op, streaming, and recording. PlayStation 4 owners will also be able to take advantage of PS Vita Remote Play and Share Play. Players will also get the chance to test out the “Power Fists” powerup, a fan favorite mod.

Finally, the Dead Island: Definitive Collection will include Dead Island: Retro Revenge, a side-scrolling endless runner that will be exclusive to the retail package.

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