Here’s your first look at Obduction, Cyan’s spiritual successor to Myst

Myst changed everything when it was released in 1993. The puzzle game popularized the first-person exploration genre, kickstarted the adoption of CD-ROM technology, and became the best-selling PC game of all time (a record it held for almost a decade). After creating a handful of sequels and an online-only spinoff, developer Cyan is working on a spiritual successor to Myst that’ll be available this June.

Obduction will take place on an alien world that is also home to a farmhouse from Kansas and other locales that properly belong on Earth. Somehow, these buildings have merged with this alien world, but by piecing together a series of clues, players might be able to return home.

The first teaser trailer for Obduction has been embedded above, but be warned, Cyan said it may include potential spoilers.

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