Latest Doom trailer introduces the Prowler demon and the BFG

Bethesda has teleported another trailer for Doom onto the Internet, and this time they’ve given us a closer look at the demons and weaponry that populate the game’s multiplayer mode.

Players who received an invite to the Alpha Test got a chance to play with the multiplayer’s Demon Rune mechanic, but this new trailer reintroduces us to the Baron of Hell (who bits the head off another players) and a new monster known as a Prowler. The Prowler leaps like a gazelle, runs like a cheetah, and may just have limited flight capabilities… uh, like a bird.

Thankfully, players will have an entire arsenal at their disposal to stop these (temporary) denizens of Hell. The Gauss Cannon can see through walls before firing a tremendously powerful cartridge, while the Chainsaw and BFG need no introduction to fans of the franchise. However, for the newbies in the audience, BFG stands for “Big F-in Gun” and it delivers on the promise of every syllable in that name.

Doom will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 13.

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