Metroid Prime: Federation Force is still set for a Spring 2016 release… here’s a new trailer

Nintendo initially unveiled Metroid Prime: Federation Force during last year’s E3 Expo to a rather… let’s say divided… public response. Fans were furious about its focus on fast-paced shooting as opposed to exploration, the art style, and the complete absence of Samus Aran. But Nintendo pressed on, re-revealing the game during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

This new trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force more closely links its storyline to Samus Aran (though the popular heroine doesn’t make an appearance), but the gameplay still looks to be a co-op shooter at its core. Producer Kensuke Tanabe spoke a bit about Federation Force’s genesis and the reason behind Samus Aran’s absence, but the developer seemed to directly address the dissenters with his final words: “What I can say for sure is that Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a game that absolutely belongs in the Metroid universe. That, I promise.”

Metroid Prime: Federation Force will be released exclusively for the 3DS this Spring and Tanabe’s entire speech can be found after the break.

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