Today’s Super Mario Maker update adds Keys, Skewers, Super Expert Mode, more

Nintendo updated Super Mario Maker again today and added three new items to Create Mode, a new difficulty mode, more Character Costumes, and an update to the official website. Ready, here we go…

  • Skewers – Those ridiculously crazy columns from Super Mario World, are now available by shaking a Thwomp.
  • Keys and Key Doors – Available by shaking a P-Switch, Keys and Key Doors can now hide parts of a level behind a lock.
  • Pink Coins – Much like Yoshi Coins in Super Mario World, shaking a Coin will now give players access to Pink Coins, which turn into a Key after all of them have been collected in a level.
  • Character Costumes – A dozen new Character Costumes have been added to Super Mario Maker including Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • Super Expert Mode – After completing the 100 Mario Challenge on Expert, players will be able to tackle another random assortment of courses dubbed “Super Expert” by the community.
  • Super Mario Maker Bookmark – Nintendo will make a number of changes to the site, including adding a World Records search.

You can get a glimpse at all the changes made to Super Mario Maker today in the trailer embedded above.

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