Daily Scoop: April 15, 2016 – The Yetee is killing it with these Final Fantasy VII shirts

I got to play a bunch of Broforce last night with Anthony Amato, and we had a blast! We played a ton of it on PC, but we’ve been revisiting it now that it’s on the PlayStation 4. I’m hoping to get in a little more Diablo III: Reaper of Souls this weekend, and maybe even get that Platinum Trophy finally. But mostly I’ll be doing homework and playing Dungeons & Dragons all weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some extra time!

There are some great sales happening right now at The Humble Store. Final Fantasy IX is out on PC now, and it’s currently discounted at just $16.79. Likewise with Code of Princess, which is $13.49. There are other sales as well, like Jalopy for $10.39 and Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation for $13.49.

The Weekend Deal at Steam is on the Saints Row franchise. You can get the ultimate franchise pack for $28.45, or mix and match whatever you’re missing at a discounted price. The Daily Deal is NBA 2K16 and WWE 2k16, the former of which is $29.99 and the latter, $24.99.

There are some super cute t-shirts today!

“Pokémotion” is at Ript today:


The adorable “Linkachu” is at Teeconomist:


There are three shirts at Qwertee. “A Radical Taste” is first:


“1st Place” is second:


And “Timeless Legend” is third:


Of course, The Yetee is destroying my willpower once again. “Soldier” is killing me:


As is “Mr. Wallace:”


Just shut up and take my gil already!

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