Developers of Friday the 13th will let us peer under Jason’s hockey mask at PAX East 2016


It looks like we’re going to get our first extensive look at Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game on a Friday… Friday, April 22, to be exact.

These secrets will be revealed during a PAX East panel for the game, “Friday the 13th: The Game – Pushing the Boundaries of Horror,” which will take place on the expo’s first day at 8:30 PM. Developers from Gun Media and Illfonic will be joined by former X-Play host Adam Sessler as they deliver their vision for the future of survival horror to the public:

Friday the 13th: The Game – Pushing the Boundaries of Horror
How do you shake up the horror genre while staying true to source material? Join Friday the 13th: The Game Co-Creators Ronnie Hobbs and Wes Keltner, Head Consultant Adam Sessler, Executive Director Randy Greenback, and Illfonic CEO Chuck Brungardt as they discuss how Friday the 13th: The Game plans to push the video game horror genre in new directions.

According to the game’s Twitter feed, codes for the upcoming beta test will also be given out during the panel.

And in other Friday the 13th news, it looks like the developers have partnered with the Friday The 13th Props Museum to ensure that Friday the 13th: The Game features a “screen accurate” depiction of Jason’s iconic hockey mask.

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