The Super Mario Bros. “Any Percentage” record has fallen again

Last October, “Darbian” platformed his way into the record books by completing an “Any Percentage” run of Super Mario Bros. in four minutes and 57.627 seconds. This ridiculous feat managed to squeak in underneath the old record time for an “Any Percentage” run by just 0.063 seconds.

But earlier this week, “Darbian” managed to top himself.

Using both warp zones and barely stopping to take a breath, the speedrunner managed to complete Super Mario Bros. in four minutes and 57.26 seconds. In case you were curious, the 367 milliseconds separating the new record from his old one is about the same amount of time that it takes the average person to blink.

After his epic run, “Darbian” announced his retirement from Super Mario Bros. speedrunning, saying, “I have reached my potential in this category.” And in true Mario fashion, he added, “I’m done! My quest is over.”

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