Homefront: The Revolution, Shadow of the Beast, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, more added to PlayStation Store

Unconventional warfare is the linchpin that holds many of the biggest titles in this week’s PlayStation Store update together.

First up is Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, a PS4 re-release of the highly-acclaimed strategy RPG. Originally released for the PS3 in 2008, Valkyria Chronicles captured the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere with its blend of magical abilities and tactical modern warfare.

Speaking of modern warfare, Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution is also now available to download for the PS4. In this sequel, history repeats as the North Korean invasion of the US continues, and players are forced to fight for their independence on the streets of Philadelphia. History also repeats in Shadow of the Beast, a PS4 remake of the popular side-scroller originally released for the Amiga.

Finally this week, NIS America’s Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice makes its PlayStation Store debut more than eight after the game was originally released for the PS3. If you’ve been waiting all this time to pick it up, now you don’t even have to leave your couch.

More information on all of these titles (and a few other new releases) can be found after the break. And don’t forget, the PlayStation Blog recently published a complete rundown of this week’s new add-ons and discounts.

PS4 + PS Vita Cross-Buy Games

Letter Quest Remastered ($9.99)
Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Scrabble with an RPG? Now you don’t have to, because Letter Quest is here! Help Grimm and Rose, a couple of adorable grim reapers, defeat monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies, and more using the power of words!

PS4 Games

Cubikolor ($7.99)
Immerse yourself in the world of Cubikolor! Armed only with your logic and your Kube, move through the 150 levels outwitting the traps in the System, an evil, scheming entity, to confront the machine and pass the test! Will you achieve the highest score? (Available May 20)

Homefront: The Revolution ($59.99)
Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you lead the Resistance movement and wage guerrilla warfare against a superior military force to ignite the Revolution. The dynamic, evolving world responds to your actions as an oppressed nation rises up in defiance against the occupation.

PS2-On-PS4: Kinetica ($9.99)
Introducing Kinetic Suits: Engineered to provide maximum speed and maneuverability. Slip into a Kinetic Suit and harness the ability to scale walls, execute intricate stunts and reach terminal velocity. Pure speed never looked so good.

Life Goes On: Done to Death ($12.99)
Life Goes On is a comically-morbid platformer where you guide heroic knights to their demise and use their dead bodies to solve puzzles. On your quest to find the Cup of Life, you will summon knight after knight to be brutally sacrificed. In Life Goes On, death is not a setback. It is the only means to success.

My Night Job ($7.99)
Black night, an abandoned mansion, and a bunch of monsters. Sounds like the perfect job. Players will have to use a variety of weapons to save their skin and master the challenge of leading survivors to safety, while also defending the building from invaders. Use more than 60 weapons, from vases and floor lamps to chainsaws, shotguns, and ginormous hammers.

Perfect Universe ($9.99)
Perfect Universe is a collection of nine game modes with both single and local multiplayer options varying in complexity — all tied together with a beautiful art style and highly detailed environments.

Rugby League Live 3 ($59.99)
It’s Footy season and this is Rugby League Live 3! Featuring: Be a Pro mode, Fanhub Player Sharing, a Dynamic Tacking System, and Action replay! Plus all 2014/2015 rule changes, updates to current 2015 rosters and team uniforms.

Shadow of the Beast ($19.99)
Explore the alien landscape of Karemoon, a world filled with beauty, brutality, and mystery, on a lone quest to overthrow the malevolent tyrant Maletoth. Survive epic boss battles and tackle hordes of enemies in ferocious adrenaline-fueled action. Develop abilities with skill points earned from the death of your opponents, unlocking increasingly brutal moves as you draw power from the blood of your foes.

Shadwen ($16.99)
Shadwen is a stealth-action game where the only rule is to remain unseen. Stay hidden — or the ruthless guards will kill you on sight! Shadwen, an assassin, has a chance encounter with an orphaned girl, Lily. Lily follows Shadwen on her dangerous journey, but when the guards get too close, Shadwen must take action right in front of Lily’s eyes.

Soft Body ($12.99)
Soft Body is a meditative action game where you control two beautiful, gooey snakes at the same time. In the game, you paint the world with your body and as you do so the world changes around you and reveals new obstacles and challenges. Although the action is tense, the mood and aesthetic are contemplative and calm.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered ($29.99)
Valkyria Chronicles is back and now beautifully remastered in HD for PS4. Now with brand new Trophies and all the previously released DLC pre-loaded, take advantage of the visually distinctive classic.

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo ($4.99)
VEV: Viva Ex Vivo‎ is a unique, pick-up and play action game with puzzle and survival elements. Players take control of a Virtual Eukaryote Visualizer, a single-celled artificial life-form which allows them to explore four distinct microscopic environments: freshwater, soil, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid.

PS2-On-PS4: Wild Arms 3 ($14.99)
Experience Wild Arms 3 on PS4. Desolate wastelands and eroded memories are the remains of a dying world. Sparse settlements provide protection from the harsh environments. Few dare to roam beyond the town’s boundaries. The ones that do are proclaimed “Drivers.” The ones that survive are heralded as legendary.

PS3 Games

Rugby League Live 3 ($59.99)
It’s Footy season and this is Rugby League Live 3! Featuring: Be a Pro mode, Fanhub Player Sharing, a Dynamic Tacking System, and Action replay! Plus all 2014/2015 rule changes, updates to current 2015 rosters and team uniforms.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice ($14.99)
Take a field trip any time you want with Mao, Raspberyl, Almaz, and the rest of the Evil Academy gang! Feel the cool breeze blow through your hair as you Magichange while sitting at the top of a hill, looking down on the beautiful city below.

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