Umbrella Corps adds two RE2-themed maps and an Upgrade Pack full of famous faces

Capcom’s “full-scale offensive” for the Resident Evil franchise is in full swing, and the publisher is widely expected to announce Resident Evil 7 during this year’s E3 Expo (if not sooner). But Capcom is also hard at work on Umbrella Corps, a team-based shooter set within the Resident Evil universe, and it’ll be available to download for the PC and PS4 on June 21.

Today, the Capcom-Unity blog gave us got our first look at two new maps from Umbrella Corps that are based on some rather recognizable places from Resident Evil 2: the streets of Raccoon City and the Police Department.

The first new battlefield revealed is the Raccoon City map, which recreates the hazardous city streets first seen in RE 2 and RE 3. Overturned vehicles, walls of flame, and the shambling undead are scattered around the streets. Mercenaries can also venture down into the sewers below Raccoon City, shooting it out in the same narrow passages where infected rats once spread the T-Virus.

Speaking of Raccoon City’s Police Department, the headquarters’ main hall plays host to one of the most open maps in Umbrella Corps. The ruinous RPD building interior is reimagined as a patchwork refuge, with metal sheeting and scaffolding connecting the first and second floors. Mercenaries can even take cover beneath the ornate statue which held a key item in RE 2. Don’t get too nostalgic exploring the crumbling hall, however, because players are extremely exposed to enemy fire in this map.

And if you think these famous locales won’t be the same without Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy, or Chris Redfield, don’t worry, Capcom feels the same way. That’s why the publisher will also release the Upgrade Pack, which includes masks for each of those characters, as well as Barry Burton, Jake Muller, and HUNK. The Upgrade Pack (which will be available as a $14.99 add-on or as part of a $39.99 Deluxe Edition bundle) will also include additional weapons, patches, custom colors, and emotes.

Finally, Capcom announced that everyone who pre-orders Umbrella Corps will receive access to the Fashion Victim Pack, which will add a few garish color options for your mercenary. Good thing zombies only see in BRAINNNNNSSSSSSSSS.

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