Gears of War’s General RAAM officially joins Killer Instinct this week

You know, it’s possible that Gears of War‘s General RAAM has been rumored to be joining Killer Instinct Season 3 for about as long as Donald Trump has been running for President. But just like Trump eventually captured the Republican nomination, so too has General RAAM been officially added to the Xbox One and PC fighting game.

Rukari Austin, Killer Instinct’s Community Manager, delivered the good news during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference and on the Xbox Wire:

Brandishing his wickedly brutal blade, and wielding innate control of the carnivorous Kryll, General RAAM – military leader of the Locust Horde – is sure to strike fear into the heart of any opponent. Unleash heavy punishing attacks, brutal blade combos, and command Kryll swarms for offense or defense. Locust Queen Myrrah’s personal champion is sure to provide a challenge to all comers…

Like every other Killer Instinct fighter, General RAAM can be purchased as part of the Season 3 Combo Breaker Bundle ($19.99), Season 3 Ultra Edition Bundle ($39.99), or the 3-Season Supreme Edition ($59.99). The character can also be purchased as a standalone download for $4.99, but all Killer Instinct fans will first get to try him out for free this week.

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