Blizzard unveils Overwatch’s first post-launch Hero… “Support Sniper” Ana Amari

Blizzard plans to expand Overwatch in the coming months with a number of new Heroes, and the publisher revealed the first this afternoon.

Ana Amari is a “Support Sniper” who’ll be able to revitalize her allies (damage opponents) with darts fired from her Biotic Rifle. The character’s stash of Biotic Grenades will feature similar healing properties when engaged in close-quarters combat.

Overwatch players who want to get a sneak peek at how Ana will operate should check out the gameplay trailer embedded above. And everyone who’s curious about her place in the game’s lore should watch the “Origins” trailer after the break. Apparently, Ana worked closely with the first generation of Overwatch Heroes (including Reaper and Soldier 76), and she’s also known as mom to the offensively-minded Pharah. More details about Ana can be found at the official Play Overwatch site.

Ana Amari, and all of Overwatch’s downloadable Heroes, will be available for free on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in the near future.

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