Colbert kicks off Summer Games Done Quick 2016 by pitting a SMB3 speedrunner versus relay runners and a Hot Pocket

If you don’t have the stomach for the Nathan’s Hog Dog Eating Contest this July 4th, maybe Stephen Colbert can interest you in Summer Games Done Quick 2016…

On Friday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert welcomed Mitch “MitchFlowerPower” Fowler, a speedrunner who’ll be competing in the charity gaming marathon later this week. To kick things off in appropriately goofy fashion, the host asked Mitch to pit his Super Mario Bros. 3 prowess in a “3-Legged Race” against the Columbia University 4×400 relay team and a microwave timer manned by his own Hot Pocket-stained fingers.

Marvel as Mitch nails a flawless running jump to grab the Leaf in the first Fortress. Whoop it up when Colbert plays through the pain after burning the roof of his mouth on a Hot Pocket. And calmly watch as the Columbia track team circles the track with nary a lion nor Terminator in sight.

Ready… Set… Press Play… to see who wins when three elite competitors go head-to-head-to-head.

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 begins today and will continue through July 9. All proceeds from the charity event will benefit Doctors Without Borders, and you can follow all the action by visiting the Games Done Quick website.

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