Ubisoft educates the world on how to correctly pronounce Ubisoft

Is it pronounced “Oo-Be-Soft” or “You-Be-Soft”? The question has plagued Ubisoft since the company’s founding more than 30 years ago, but today, they’ve finally put it to rest. Sort of.

In a new video posted to their YouTube Channel, an unseen cameraman asks Ubisoft employees from around the world how they pronounce the name of the company they work for. Most weren’t exactly sure, but the responses filtered down to a few choices. Most of the French-speaking employees smoothly replied Oo-Be-Soft, while their English-speaking counterparts overwhelmingly went with You-Be-Soft. Further complicating matters were the company’s Japanese employees, who used a rather unique “You-Be-Eye-Soft” pronunciation.

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft’s CEO, had the final word, but even he feels it’s best to say, “You can pronounce it the way you want.”

So there you have it… both “Oo-Be-Soft” and “You-Be-Soft” are considered correct… though we all know that “You-Be-Soft” is more correct.

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