Daily Scoop: August 11, 2016 – Square Enix sale at Humble

We had a great Game Makers Guild meeting last night! I got to play some cool prototypes and hang out with game designers. I wish every night could be that rad!

There’s a Square Enix sale happening at the Humble Store! Rise of the Tomb Raider is $38.99, Just Cause 3 is $29.99, Thief is $7.49, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut is $4.99. There’s also one of my personal favorites in there – nab Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for just $7.49!

The Weekend Deal at Steam is a big Kalypso anniversary sale, and it’s full of games. Get Tropico 5 for $6.24, Urban Empire for $33.99, Crowntakers for $2.49, and Ziro for $1.24, among many others. The Daily Deal is Mafia II, which is $5.99 for the regular edition and $7.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition.

And now: shirts!

“Schrödinger’s Portal” is at Wear Viral:


The Yetee has two great shirts! “Undo!” is first:


And “A Visit From The Bug Squad” is second:


There are three at Qwertee. “The Deku Tree” is first:


“Wolf God” is second:


And “Old school gamer” is third:


Finally, there are three at Other Tees as well. “The God of War and Death” is first:


“The Bossfather” is second:


And “TBOI” is third:


Whew, so many shirts!

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