More Nintendo NX Rumors: Controllers to include Motion Control, Force Feedback, Split D-Pad, Share Button


It’s time for another round of Nintendo NX rumors, this time focusing on the console’s supposedly detachable controllers.

A few days ago, Let’s Play Video Games reported that the NX’s controllers will serve a similar function to the Wii Remote, and will include motion control features and force feedback. Citing anonymous sources, the report goes on to describe the advanced force feedback features as similar to the Vive controller: “[The NX controller] alters intensity, pulsing patterns and duration of vibration to mimic the sensation of a range of different movement types. It’s not just one vibration for all situations, there’s a notable difference between the hard abrupt feedback of a sword clash or the softer, longer thud of something like hitting a tennis ball.”

A second rumor report from Let’s Play Video Games, published yesterday, claims that the NX controller will also include a “Split D-Pad” and a Share Button to upload screenshots and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. Nintendo has never used a “Split D-Pad” (four buttons aligned in a cross shape, similar to the PlayStation controller) before, but it’s possible the design would allow both players to have an analog stick and a set of face buttons when the controllers are detached from the screen for multiplayer gaming.

On the surface, neither of these reports sound all that far-fetched, especially due to their similarity to the current Wii Remote. However, Nintendo has yet to confirm any specifics regarding the NX, and it’s still possible that everything we think we know about the platform (including its status as a “console/handheld hybrid”) is false.

The Nintendo NX is currently scheduled to launch in March 2017… hopefully an official unveiling of the console will happen sometime soon.

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