PS2-On-PS4 re-release of Indigo Prophecy will be available to download on August 9


After a last-minute delay scuttled its planned July 18 launch, Quantic Dream has announced that Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy will be released for the PS4 on August 9. Like all PS2-On-PS4 re-releases, the game will include 1080p visuals and full Trophy support.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO, Guillaume De Fondaumiere, shared a bit about the game’s unlikely journey from an untested idea to a bona fide cult classic:

Indigo Prophecy was initially launched in 2005 in partnership with Atari. Looking back, I can say that our team’s serenity and faith in what we were creating was in direct opposition to the skepticism of a great number of people to whom we pitched the game.

This skepticism was so radical that we had to switch publishing partners during the last third of the game’s production. While we were showing off the beta version, a certain group of high-profile professionals even claimed that we would never be able to finish the game!

The reason for this skepticism was that we were creating something radically new, as we were attempting to resolve an equation that many thought was unsolvable: putting the story at the very core of an interactive experience and inventing gameplay that allowed players, through their actions and decisions, to change the way the story unfolds.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy was originally released in an “uncut” version internationally, and slightly edited for its North American release. It’s still currently unknown which version of the game will be added to the PlayStation Store next week.

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