Kickstart This! Ultra Captain & The Great Piratey Space Escape

We continue our crowdfunding adventure with the latest Kickstart This! title, the highly-addictive Ultra Captain & The Great Piratey Space Escape. It is the first title from brand new developer Killed Soda, another Canadian outfit based in the lovely sounding Iroquois Falls. Led by their own intrepid captain, Jesse Cybolsky, their five year mission is to create fun, challenging games that are filled with interesting and hilarious moments to really pull players into the experience. So let’s see what makes this project so promising.

Set phasers to stunning!

Project: Ultra Captain
Developer: Killed Soda
Genre: Comedic Space Sim
Platforms: PC (Win/Mac/Linux)
Funding Target: $8,000 CAD

What Is It?
Ultra Captain & The Great Piratey Space Escape is a dark comic adventure that takes the guise of a roguelike space simulator. Think Galaxy Quest meets Tiny Death Star. The story begins when a badly dressed cosplayer is transported from a sci-fi convention to a space prison by some devious little aliens. Managing to escape, Ultra Captain steals a prototype space cruiser with his fellow abductees, forming a ragtag band to helm the ship. As it’s a prototype, the motley crew has a large bounty put on their heads as evil galactic corporations will stop at nothing to salvage it.

Why Fund It?
If you are looking for a space sim that does not take itself seriously, then this could be the one for you. The quirky cartoon style has overtones of Futurama, especially with characters like Jasper the Space Cat, or Zane, who looks like a human-tomato hybrid. There are total of 16 characters to populate your ship, with more to be added once the game has launched.

The control scheme is colourfully simple, with a range of options for when you encounter another ship or alien race, where your decisions affect how the game plays out. For example, trading with an alien race means your next encounter might play out with less hostility than it would otherwise. Or more, depending on what you traded them! It promises zany, off-the-wall scenarios as your prowl the galaxy, looking for friends, rewards, and upgrades.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – $20 CAD (Early bird $15 CAD limited to 1000)
  • Digital copy of the game plus beta access – $30 CAD (Early bird $25 CAD limited to 500)
  • Two digital copies of the game plus beta access for both – $50 CAD
  • Digital copy of the game plus beta access, plus some ultralicious goodies including signed poster, stickers, eight collector cards including a Kickstarter special edition one, and in game extras – $80 CAD
  • Previous rewards, plus three times the amount of ultralicious swag, plus three keychains, and a signed print of the Ultra Captain crew – $150 CAD
  • Previous rewards, plus name a NPC, and receive a signed print of your NPC – $200 CAD

Until Next Time…
We can only hope Killed Soda succeed in their campaign, as the level of creativity here promising great things from the studio in the future. You can stoke these creative embers with a kind donation, or sit back and watch them explode like every Death Star ever made.

Coming up next in the Kickstarter slipstream is the AR game Magicland!

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