Kickstart This! Sulphur Nimbus: Hel’s Elixir

With the unfortunate cancellation of Arc Continuum, we’ve reached the last of our recent spurt of Kickstarter games, which hails from Norwegian developer Oddwarg, AKA Oddvar Hungnes, creator of indie hits like Eggman Hates Furries, Super Sawman, and Patapony. Hungnes has a distinguished and anime-like style that can be seen in all of his games, as well as on his Deviant Art page. And now he’s bringing his latest venture, Sulphur Nimbus: Hel’s Elixir, to the crowdfunding circuit.

Come fly with me! Lets fly! Lets fly away!

Project: Sulphur Nimbus: Hel’s Elixir
Developer: Oddwarg
Genre: 3D Flying Adventure
Platforms: PC (Win/Linux)
Funding Target: 90,000 KR (approx. $10,920)

What Is It?
The best way to describe Sulphur Nimbus is Pilotwings on acid, but instead of piloting an aerial vehicle, you take control of the titular mythological creature. Sulphur works as a scouting bird on a mercenary ship, but a storm hits as they journey across dangerous waters. Sulphur is separated from her crew, near the dangerous island of Dronningsøy. She will need to fight and fly her way through the island in order to be reunited with her captain. On her journey, she will meet mysterious friends and foes, while learning more about Dronningsøy and its secret past.

Why Fund It?
First of all, the game is all kinds of pretty. The cel-shaded graphics work well with the almost hypnotic colour palette. The game is awash with day-glo pinks and orange sunsets, which offset the dark caves and gloomy castles. This is matched by the dark, synth-pop soundtrack, which make the whole experience a trip for the senses. The flight controls might have a high learning curve, but it is fast and exciting, and allows you to explore the large island of Dronningsøy. The level design, at present, looks rather bare, but we would hope that the funds raised on Kickstarter would help populate the levels with more things to do.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – 50 KR ($6)
  • Digital copy of the game, plus name in credits – 100 KR ($12)
  • Previous rewards, plus digital copy of soundtrack – 150 KR ($18)
  • Previous rewards, plus physical copy of game as well – 350 KR ($42)
  • Previous rewards, plus one piece of original, hand-drawn art – 850 KR ($102) (limited to 50 people)
  • Previous rewards, plus design an item, gimmick, or easter egg – 2,000 KR ($485) (limited to 8 people)
  • Previous rewards, plus design a character to be featured in game – 4,000 KR ($242) (limited to 8 people)
  • Previous rewards, plus design an enemy or boss – 6,000 KR ($728) (limited to 3 people)

Until Next Time…
And that is a wrap on our Kickstart This! five-piece ensemble. I hope at least one of the five projects we’ve looked at has piqued your interest and had you reaching for your purse or wallet (especially you Canucks, we had four games from Canada!). Some of these projects will live or die by the funds they raise, so as always, if you believe in the project, or want to help, share it far and wide, that’s what social media is for. Well, that and pictures of cats and beer. Speaking of, I’m journeying to Liverpool to partake in Scousetoberfest.

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