Nintendo Japan releases four Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailers ahead of NX unveiling


Nintendo will unveil their NX console in less than an hour, but did you know that the consolemaker secretly uploaded three new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailers yesterday? Courtesy of Nintendo Japan, the trailers are titled “Risk,” “Revitalization,” “Weather,” and an untitled fourth clip.

Link explores the Temple of Time in “Risk,” and he also climbs Hyrule’s highest peaks and snowboards back down on his shield. Our hero takes care of some business in “Revitalization,” bashing monsters and putting his bow skills to good use. At one point, he even lights a club on fire and uses it to deliver a flaming knockout blow to an enemy.

“Weather” is a nearly static four-minute shot of a ruined boat that’s sitting in front of an equally dilapidated building with a formidable castle and Death Mountain loom in the background. Finally, the untitled trailer features an extended time-lapse of the game’s day-night cycle. All four trailers can be found after the break.

And don’t forget about the many (many, many, many) mini-trailers Nintendo has released for the game over the past few months.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released for the NX and Wii U sometime next year

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