Daily Scoop: December 20, 2016 – Humble Sierra Bundle Strikes Back now available!

So last night, in adventures in video gaming, I decided to start Dishonored, because my friend Ryan Littlefield was awesome enough to give me a code for the Definitive Edition for the PlayStation 4. I am really loving it so far! The art is amazing, and I’m enjoying the gameplay, even though I don’t have any powers yet. I’m excited!

Speaking of excited, there’s a great bundle over at Humble right now – the Humble Sierra Bundle Strikes Back! Pay $1 or more for Space Quest Collection, Phantasmagoria 1-2, Police Quest Collection, and Shiftlings. Beat the average to unlock Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, TimeShift, Quest for Glory 1-5, and Gabriel Knight 1-3. Pay $15 or more to unlock Caesar 3-4, Geometry Wars 3: Dimension Evolved, King’s Quest Collection (which includes seven games!), and Velocity 2X. The last level is for $20 or more, and you unlock King’s Quest: The Complete Collection.

The Midweek Madness at Steam is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Get the regular version for $19.79 (or add the Steam controller and pay $49.78), or get the Digital Deluxe Edition for $49.78 (or add the Steam controller for $79.77). The Daily Deal is Men of War: Assault Squad 2, which is $7.49 for the regular version, $8.74 for the Deluxe Edition, or $9.99 for the Complete Edition.

Just a few shirts today, but there are some good ones!

“Vitruvian Praise The Sun” is first up at Tee Fury:

There are two at Ript – “Coffee Seeker” is first:

And “Super Mikey Kart” is second:

There are two at The Yetee as well! “Fighter Emblem” is first:

And “Blueprint64” is second:

Which is your favorite?

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