Daily Scoop: December 5, 2016 – Pico Games Bundle at Story Bundle

I spent the weekend doing a ton of work, because once my copy of The Last Guardian arrives, that’s all I’ll be doing. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

There’s just one more day left in the Humble Staff Picks Bundle – games chosen by Nick the engineer! Pay what you want for Volume, TIS-100, and Legend of Grimrock 2. Beat the average to unlock Infinifactory, The Secret World, and Dungeon 2. Pay $14 or more to also unlock Grim Dawn.

There are 477 new Weeklong Deals at Steam! Get Miscreated for $9.99, 8-Bit Armies for $7.49, Gun for $4.99, and one of my favorites, Screencheat, for $7.49, among a ton of others.

There’s a great game book bundle happening at Story Bundle – it’s called Pico Games. Pay what you want for Pico-8 Zine #1-4, Dungeons & Dreamers, Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design, Everybody Shake! The Making of Spaceteam, and Pico-8. For $15, get five bonus books – Boss Fight Books: Super Mario Bros. 3, HG101 Presents – The 200 Best Video Games of All Time, Fighting Game Fundamentals, Anything But Sports – The Making of FTL, and Souls of Darkness (which also comes as an audiobook).

Hit the jump to see today’s shirts!

“Poke Sushi” is today’s shirt at Shirt.woot:


There are two shirts at Tee Tournament. “Vitruvian Bounty Hunter” is first:


“Vitruvian Mega” is second:


Last chance at Qwertee has three great Pokemon shirts! “Pika?” is first:


“Psychic Under the Moon” is second:


And “Eevolution” is third:


Finally, there are a whopping four shirts at Shirt Punch. “Bring Home Zelda for the Holidays Bundle” is the first one:


“Red Dead Mercenary” is second:


“Wark” is third:


And “McBain X Contra” is fourth:


Some great shirts to pick from!

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