Home Alone gets the 8-Bit Cinema treatment in their latest video

Maybe it’s just me, but the “set traps to capture bad guys” genre of games seems like it should be bigger. There’s Night Trap and Tecmo’s Deception series, but I’m having trouble coming up with any others.

Even though Christmas was a few days ago, it’s still a great time for Christmas movies, and 8-Bit Cinema has gifted us their latest video… Home Alone. This time, the “What If It Was A Game?” troupe has transformed Kevin McAllister’s battle against the Wet Bandits into an overhead action RPG similar to The Legend of Zelda (naturally, The Old Man is portrayed by Old Man Marley).

While 8-Bit Cinema normally gives new and classic movies the game adaptations they never had, several different games based on the Home Alone franchise have been released over the years, including one for the NES. The real game is a side-scroller, but it’s functionally identical to 8-Bit Cinema’s adaptation.

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