Kickstart This! Super Red-Hot Hero

In what will be the final Kickstart This of 2016, a year many of us would like to forget, I thought it would be prudent to end the year on a “Red-Hot” high. For this edition, I have chosen Super Red-Hot Hero, a game from an exciting team of developers based in Barcelona.

Project: Super Red-Hot Hero
Developer: Strange Light Games
Genre: Fast-Paced 2D Platformer
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Funding Target: €7,400

What Is It?
Super Red-Hot Hero is what Mighty No. 9 should have been. It takes the same inspirations, like the Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. series, but blends in some new ideas while increasing the tempo of the game to make a fast and furious platformer.

The titular Super Red-Hot Hero was created by the army on the newly discovered Planet Kazan, home to a lush volcanic landscape where Red-Hot energy was discovered. By replacing the heart of a volunteer native with a cell contaiing this new energy, the army created what they believed to be the ultimate Super Soldier. But his new powers proved to be more than the invading Kazan army could control, thanks to the ability to shoot Red-Hot energy from his hands, and also to teleport and travel through explosions.

Why Fund It?
The award-winning Strange Light Games has so far spent over €100,000 on the game to get it to its advanced state of development, but now the tireless quartet – comprised of Bernardo Marcos, Pere Fonolleda, Albert Rebollo, and Alex Mosegui – need some additional funds to help cross the line and fully deliver on their collective vision.

The funds raised will be used on hardware support for the final development phase, as well as legal fees involved with publishing the game. Should the team exceed its humble goal, there will be additional levels and bosses created, as well as a console version for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Fans of the platform genre should be warmed by the impressive demo and trailer, which shows a fusion of Mario design and Mega Man kinetics, punching, shooting, and jumping your way through the Kazan forces. The game is gorgeous, with a wide variety of environments, not just an endless lava level, as well as a catchy theme tune.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game on Steam, name in credits – €9 (€7 super early bird limited to 150 / €8 standard early bird limited to 250)
  • Previous rewards, plus digital copy of the soundtrack – €25 (€20 early bird limited to 200)
  • Previous rewards, plus digital art book – €35 (€20 early bird limited to 200)
  • Previous rewards, plus a pack of postcards signed by the team – €45
  • Previous rewards, plus a Super Red-Hot Hero t-shirt – €70
  • Previous rewards, plus design a Kazan Army character with co-producer credit – €100
  • Previous rewards, plus have a cartoon version of yourself appear in the game and artbook – €400

Until Next Time…in 2017!
While we are all running around daft and spending money we don’t have on presents people might not want, why not take five minutes out of your day to watch the Kickstarter trailer for this beautiful platformer? It is the time of giving, so why not make this a donation and reward the gamer in your life?

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a “Red-Hot” New Year.

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