Learn about “The Calamity and The Blade” in this new Tales of Berseria trailer

Bandai Namco has provided fans with another extended look at Tales of Berseria, this time zooming in on the game’s demon-heavy backstory in a new trailer titled “The Calamity and The Blade”:

A mysterious disease known as Daemonblight is devouring the kingdom, it infects humans, plants, and animals, turning many of them into violent creatures. Take on the role of Velvet Crowe, a woman who some years ago lived a normal life in her village but is now infected with Daemonblight. She narrowly escapes death and is instead imprisoned for three years. Take part in her tale of vengeance!

The publisher has also opened digital pre-orders for Tales of Berseria and fans who purchase the game before release will receive the following bonus items:

PS4 Digital Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Tales of Berseria Theme (Illustrated by Ufotable)
  • 15 Minute Exclusive Dramatic Chat Skit – Hosted by Bienfu with Velvet and the complete cast discussing a plethora of topics about the Tales of series
  • Mini Music Selection from Tales of Berseria

Steam Digital Pre-Order Bonuses

  • $10.00 Loyalty Discount – If you have previously purchased Tales of Zestiria or Tales of Symphonia through Steam

Tales of Berseria will launch early next year for the PS4 (on January 24) and Steam (on January 26). If you’d rather try it out first, a demo will also be available on January 10.

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