PaRappa the Rapper, LocoRoco, and Patapon remasters coming to PS4

Not content with remastering the Wipeout series for 4K and HDR gaming, Sony also announced during the PlayStation Experience that a trio of classic musical games would be getting the remaster treatment. Hip-hop pooch PaRappa the Rapper, the colourful characters of LocoRoco, and the marching armies of Patapon are all getting updated to HD on the PS4 (and 4K on the PS4 Pro).

Not only will the games be remastered in terms of graphics, but the controls will be retooled specifically for the DualShock 4, so players will be able to better feel the musical beats. LocoRoco will also incorporate motion gestures from the controller to make it easier to control the vibrant worlds.

Although Sony seems to be trying to out-do Nintendo with the amount of remasters it is pumping out, these three games, that were so original and possibly ahead of their time, will be a welcome addition to the current console generation.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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