Game Awards 2016 Trailer: Death Stranding

The 2016 Game Awards kicked off with a belated round of applause for Hideo Kojima, who was unable to attend last year’s event due to his falling out with Konami. Geoff Keighley introduced Mr. Kojima on stage to present him with the Industry Icon Award, and after delivering his acceptance speech, the developer showed off the next trailer for his highly-anticipated title, Death Stranding.

This trailer gave us a better idea of the game’s world. There is literally an army of the undead causing destruction… skeletons decked out in army fatigues patrol a dystopian world. One man (who resembles director Guillermo Del Toro) appears to be hiding from the army, and tries to take refuge in a viaduct. He uses an embryo in a jar, possibly to keep the evil army at bay, when a platoon of skeletons approach, being led by a living person (played by Mads Mikkelsen).

The trailer raises more questions than it answers, but it looks amazing. Keighley also confirmed that the trailer is running in 4K, realtime, on a PS4 Pro. No release date was given, but knowing Kojima’s talent, it’ll probably be worth the wait.

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