Wipeout series speeds onto PlayStation 4 with the Omega Collection

Sony Liverpool, the studio formerly known as Psygnosis, sadly closed its doors four years ago, but it’s legacy lives on with the Wipeout Omega Collection, which was announced yesterday for the PS4 at the PlayStation Experience.

Blistering sci-fi racers used to be all the rage, with the likes of F-Zero and Extreme-G racing up the charts, but Wipeout is fondly remembered for its breakneck speed, heart-pumping soundtrack, and challenging competitive modes. The collection is comprised of all the tracks and vehicles from three entries in the series – Wipeout HD, the expansion pack Wipeout HD: Fury, and the Vita title Wipeout 2048 – while featuring classic music as well as new hits from hot up-and-coming artists.

Every element has been remastered to look stunning in HDR and 4K on the PS4 Pro, with the game targeting an ultra-smooth 60FPS. According to the PlayStation Blog, the game will also feature 26 tracks and 46 unique ship models, as well as nine styles of play. Players can choose Single Race, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Zone, and Tournament from the original game, with added modes from Fury like Zone Battle, Eliminator, and Detonator. The much-loved Career Mode from 2048 will also make a welcome return.

Although a date was not specified, get ready to race sometime in 2017.

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