Nintendo Download: Flying Warriors, Kung-Fu Heroes, Little Ninja Brothers, more

A trio of ninja-themed games originally released by Culture Brain for the NES lead the way in this week’s Nintendo Download.

Flying Warriors made its NES debut in 1991, and the side-scrolling beat ’em up features two different martial arts styles for main character Rick Stalker in his fight against “the great monster of the Dark Dimension, Demonyx.”

Going back a bit further, Kung-Fu Heroes was originally released in 1989, and the overhead beat ’em up follows Kung-Fu Masters Jacky and Lee in their quest to save Princess Min-Min. The Kung-Fu Heroes return in Little Ninja Brothers, a sequel that was originally released in 1990 and is now also available to download through the Wii U’s Virtual Console.

More information on all of these games (and the rest of this week’s new releases) can be found after the break.

Wii U eShop

Flying Warriors – When the evil red star appears in the sky, the great monster of the Dark Dimension, Demonyx, returns. The five Flying Warriors, led by Rick Stalker, are sent by the Dragon Lord to defeat Demonyx. In this NES action game, fight through four game modes and choose one of two different fighting styles: one for beginners and one for those who can master the martial arts. Use items and Mystic Spells in your quest to rescue the Light Dimension from darkness.

Kung-Fu Heroes – Monsters have taken Princess Min-Min. The whole land has fallen into sorrow. Only Kung-Fu Masters Jacky and Lee can save the princess and retrieve the treasures. This NES game will take you to eight different castles filled with a host of traps and obstacles. Whether or not you make it to the last castle depends on your quick wits and reflexes.

Little Ninja Brothers – You are spirited Ninja boys, Jack and Ryu, who take off on a journey to defeat the Yoma Clan. In this NES spiritual sequel to the Kung-Fu Heroes game, fight enemies with various skills such as punches, kicks, swords and throwing stars. Take your attacks to the next level with special items like the Iron Claws and the Crush Punch. Work as a team to bring peace back to Chinaland.

3DS eShop

Candy, Please! – Ahh, Halloween – a time to dress up, carve pumpkins and amass glorious amounts of candy! In order to collect enough candy, once around the neighborhood just won’t do… you are going to need several different costumes to pull it off. Let nothing stop you from getting your fair share… and more!

Word Search 10K – With more than 10,000 words hidden in a grid of 90,000 letters, Word Search 10K is the largest, most epic, word search ever made!

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