Get to know the fighters from Arms in two new trailers

Arms was one of the more bizarre titles to be unveiled during Nintendo’s Switch Presentation last month. The game, which might be best described as Punch-Out‘s even more outlandish cousin, stars a gaggle of colorful characters who fight each other using their super-stretchy arms.

Over the weekend, Nintendo Japan released a pair of new trailers for Arms that attempt to explain a little bit more about the game’s wacky world. The narration is completely in Japanese, but the trailer embedded above will introduce viewers to Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, and Mechanica. Each has their own special abilities, but they should look familiar to fighting game fans (Spring Man is average… Ribbon Girl is fast… Ninjara can teleport… Master Mummy is slow but strong… Mechanica has electrical powers… etc).

The second trailer, available after the break, is a primer on the game’s fighting mechanics. Again, it’s all in Japanese, but it’s easy enough to suss out when the narrator is talking about weak punches, strong punches, blocking, and a wide variety of customizable boxing gloves.

The Nintendo Switch will be available in stores beginning on March 3, and Arms is expected to launch sometime this Spring.

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