Enter the Gungeon will be available for the Xbox One on April 5

Dodge Roll has announced (via the Xbox Wire) that Enter the Gungeon will be available for the Xbox One on April 5. Players who purchase the game will also receive access to Enter the Gungeon on Windows 10 (with Cross-Save) as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Enter the Gungeon is a twin-stick shooter, and players will need to delve deeper and deeper into the procedurally-generated environments of the Gungeon in search of “The Gun That Can Kill the Past.” The developer also mixed in some light dungeon-crawling elements, and found further inspiration from “Ikaruga, the Souls-Borne games, Metal Gear Solid, The Binding of Isaac, and Dungeons & Dragons“:

Enter the Gungeon mixes bullet hell mechanics with the rogue-lite dungeon crawler genre. Every session sees the player fighting through an ever-changing fortress of doom, on a quest to reach the Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: The Gun That Can Kill the Past. Along the way, you’ll wield more than 400 guns and items, dodge bullets, flip tables, meet weird NPCs, and duel massive bosses.

A new gameplay trailer for Enter the Gungeon has been embedded above.

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