Game Freak is hiring for a console-bound Pokemon game

Pokemon’s upcoming debut on the Nintendo Switch is a constantly evolving story, but another missing piece fell into place today, and it’s looking more and more likely that a “main series” game will be released for the console.

Back in September, The Pokemon Company confirmed that a new game in the franchise was in development for the Switch. However, there was no indication of who was making it, and all signs pointed to yet another spinoff. However, late in the year, a rumor cropped up that said Game Freak was developing an enhanced remake of Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Switch. This game was believed to be in development under the working title of “Pokemon Stars.”

Fast forward to today, and the news that Game Freak is currently hiring at least one developer to work on a console-bound entry in a “long-running” and “globally popular RPG series” starring “people and monsters.”

We could pretend to treat this as another rumor, but where’s the fun in that? Game Freak is clearly hiring developers to work on a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. The only questions left are… Is it Pokemon Stars? Or is it a brand new game in the franchise (that could still turn out to be a spinoff)?

The 2017 E3 Expo is just a few months away, so we’ll probably learn more about Game Freak’s next Pokemon game sooner rather than later.

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