New trailer and screenshots reveal Akiba’s Beat will be released for PS4, Vita on May 16

XSEED Games has finally revealed an official release date for Akiba’s Beat, their spiritual successor to Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed. While Akiba’s Trip was a Matured-focused title that centered on a vampire infestation taking place in Japan’s Akihabara district (the vampires could only be thwarted by stripping the deadly denizens of the night and exposing their bare bodies to sunlight), Akiba’s Beat takes a more traditional JRPG route while remaining in the same locale.

Akiba’s Beat is described by XSEED as a satirical take on the JRPG genre, however it sticks closely to the traditional formula by tasking players with navigating a town setting and speaking with NPCs for information, as well as transitioning to battling monsters known as “Delusions” in fantasy-themed settings called “Delusionscapes.”

Akiba’s Beat is rated T for Teen and will be released for the PlayStation 4 ($49.99) and PlayStation Vita ($39.99) on May 16. Players who opt to pre-order the game will also receive a 3.5” tall plush of Pinkun, the mascot of Akiba’s Beat.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the trailer embedded above and a few screenshots after the break.

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