Play as Orisa in Overwatch beginning today

Overwatch players can now choose from 24 different Heroes before each match, as Blizzard added Orisa to the game on all platforms earlier today. According to her profile on, Orisa is a robotic centaur with a defensive-minded play style, but don’t worry, her attacks also pack a wallop:

Orisa’s Abilities

  • Fusion Driver: Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it.
  • Fortify: Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes, and cannot be affected by action-impairing effects.
  • Halt!: Orisa launches a graviton charge which she can detonate, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them towards the explosion.
  • Protective Barrier: Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire.
  • Supercharger: Orisa deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight.

Blizzard also released a new trailer for Overwatch featuring Orisa, and it’s been embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

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