Bread Machine Games releases a Launch Trailer for Deathstate

Deathstate, the first game from Bread Machine Games, will be available to download for the PS4 beginning next week. The game was originally released for the PC in 2015, but its new home has given the developer the chance to deliver a brand new Launch Trailer for the retro-styled shooter.

Unlike a traditional twin-stick shooter, Deathstate is a “single-stick shooter” that asks players to evade a barrage of projectiles and fight back against the game’s Lovecraftian horrors:

In Deathstate you collect organs instead of armor, explore fractured realities instead of dungeons, and fight Lovecraftian horrors instead of goblins (you actually might fight some goblins too). The weird worlds of Binding of Isaac, Dark Souls, and the Hellraiser movies inspired Deathstate’s otherworldly setting and synthed-out soundtrack.

Deathstate will be priced at $9.99 when it launches for the PS4 on April 25.

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