Galena the Unholy Paladin wants to punch the Devil in the latest Quake Champions trailer

Aside from the medieval themes found in the first entry, id Software has always taken great pride in the Quake franchise’s heavy metal aesthetic. And the latest character trailer for Quake Champions puts it on full display once again with the reveal of Galena the Unholy Paladin.

But don’t let her ashen skin and bloody tunic fool you, this priestess is no servant of Satan. Need further proof? She roars, “Even the Devil fears me,” at her fallen opponents:

Galena (Unholy Paladin)
She was four years old when given as an offering to the Celebrants of Volkerh. The talon-priests weaned her on ash-milk and consulted the Gaunt Shepherd to learn her fate. She would live as we do, it whispered, and in so doing would shape herself by the gloaming will of He Who Walks In Blood. Like all children, she watched and imitated. She learned that crying and laughing were no different, so she stopped. She learned that blood is judgment and penance is sacrament. She has grown powerful and grateful. She does not dream of her mother’s world.

Active Ability – Unholy Totem: In the heat of combat, throw down Galena’s Unholy Totem to heal yourself and your allies, or cause devastating damage to your foes. Deadly in Deathmatch and a critical tool in team games to help control pathways and power-ups, the Unholy Totem is a vital weapon in Galena’s wicked arsenal.

Passive Ability – Channeling: Want to get that totem back even faster? Galena’s Passive Ability, Channeling, allows her to eliminate 5% of her Active Ability cooldown every time she picks up a health bubble. Strike down the unbelievers.

Quake Champions is a free-to-play shooter for the PC, and the full version will be available later this year. For now, fans are encouraged to sign up for the Closed Beta, and id Software will send out additional invitations soon.

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