Daily Scoop: May 4, 2017 – Star Wars Day means more Star Wars sales and shirts

A very happy Star Wars Day to you all! On this day, I would like to remind everyone that while the epic Star Wars saga is great entertainment, its message about standing up to tyrants has never been more important. We may not be legitimate Jedi in the magic powers sense, but we believe in justice and democracy and a oneness with the universe that allows us to feel empathy and connection to each other and to the planet we currently reside on. And for our Yang, there is a Yin. The Sith are real and we must never forget that. Let’s not allow liberty to die with thunderous applause. We may be entering a dark time, but we have hope. And rebellions are built on hope.

Now onto the sales, because what’s a holiday without buying things?

So, of course, every store has Star Wars sales like crazy today, and we’ll start with Best Buy. They have several Star Wars-related items on sale, but specific to our needs are the games. Star Wars: Battlefront – Ultimate Edition for both PS4 and Xbox One are $19.99 today only – that’s 50% off!

At GOG.com, they’ve got an “Everything Star Wars” sale with up to 75% off, which will last for the next week. Some of the titles include Star Wars: Battlefront II, Star Wars: Empire at War – Gold Pack, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy. Go see what else they have!

And in case you missed yesterday’s Scoop, there were mad Star Wars sales mentioned that are ongoing until the beginning of next week, so take a look!

In non-Star Wars games, the Nintendo eShop has some deals for My Nintendo members which includes 40% off of the following games: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (3DS), Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Wii U), and Street Fighter Alpha 2 (3DS).

And now for the shirts! As you can imagine, it’s mostly Star Wars shirts saturating the marketplace today, so I’ll give you a couple of my favorites of those as well as two bona fide video game tees.

“Pikachu Pokeball” and “Charmander Pokeball” are over at TeeVolt today, because I suspect they have never heard of Star Wars.

My personal favorite of the Star Wars shirts is probably “New Moon” over at Qwertee, because it has that 1970s/80s thing going for it. Then I rather like “Starry Scarif,” because dammit, I’m an art lover.

So May the Fourth be with you today, and more importantly, may The Force be with you always.

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