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There must be something in the air in France (apart from all the political stuff), as there has been an unusually high number of game projects from the country launched on Kickstarter in the last few weeks. There’s LabyX from Yazorius in Bordeaux, a pair of games from Clermont-Ferrand (the awesome-looking NES game Twin Dragons by Antoine Gohin and building sim Sandbox by TarteUp), as well as Robi, which is in development at Xzezal in, um, “France, France.”

So, naturally, I chose a project from East London, because I used to live there. Just kidding. I chose Zombie Teacher because it looks awesome. So reach for those tasty brains and see what makes this game a delicious delight. Mmm… brains…

Project: Zombie Teacher
Genre: 2D Platformer
Platforms: PC (Win, Linux), Mobile (iOS, Android)
Funding Target: £8,000 (approx. $10,351)

What Is It?
Zombie Teacher is described as a platformer with a zombie twist, but it’s not just the fact that the main character is a semi-autobiographical zombie. The game is a very smart nostalgia trip through platformers past, borrowing different styles and animation techniques for different levels in homage to games that have inspired one man band Adil K. (AKA Edgy Games).

The game currently features seven levels to explore, each with a very different theme and art style. In this sense it reminds me of the wackiness, humour, and originality of Earthworm Jim. Players will have to navigate different challenges as they traverse the tributes to games past. There is also the promise of hilarious dialogue with the NPCs that pepper the unique realms.

Why Fund It?
There is a fine line between a respectable nod to your source of inspiration and a direct copy, but Zombie Teacher manages to stagger on the right side, using the premise as a sounding board for what is a funny and highly original looking game. The stretch goals indicate that Edgy Games has a ton of ideas on how to add and expand the game.

What is more impressive is that the game’s designer is a real-life, full-time science teacher, developing the game in his spare time. He describes Zombie Teacher as his love letter to the games of his youth… but imagine being in his class (yeah), knowing that your teach has mad skills (yeah), and made an actual game you can play on your phone (yeah)? Sorry, I went full London there for a minute. Joking aside, it is very inspiring to see someone so talented being able to juggle a demanding career in education with crafting a game that looks bonkers fun.

And if you will not do it for Adil, then please, help get this game to the stretch goal of £16,000, so Zombie Teacher players can receive a pet zombie turtle

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game, your name in credits, and early access to eight stage demo – £9
  • Previous rewards, plus access to the Kickstarter Circle of Hell with eight bonus levels – £15
  • Previous rewards, plus a digital copy of the soundtrack – £20
  • Previous rewards, plus your photo in the game – £25
  • Previous rewards, plus become a NPC in game. A talkative one with a kick-ass backstory – £35
  • Previous rewards, but instead of a talkative NPC, you become an enemy! – £40
  • Previous rewards, but be featured as a boss in the game, with your own death sounds! – £50
  • Previous rewards, but your likeness will be a giant colossus! – £75

Until Next Time…
With your help, Zombie Teacher will be able to run through levels while satisfying his insatiable appetite for brains. With a relatively low target, especially by Kickstarter standards, we have high hopes of seeing Zombie Teacher succeed.

And to the wonderful people of France, I promise to cover a French game in the near future.

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