Sega’s future plans include a focus on PC development and “revival of major IPs”

Sega fans have been on a wild roller coaster ride since the company’s early 90s heyday. Every time Sega hits it out of the park, they seem to crash back down to Earth in short order. But the publisher has started to turn things around lately, especially after their merger with Atlus.

Fresh off the launch of Persona 5, Sega has issued a “Road to 2020” report as part of a presentation to investors. In addition to disclosing financial details, the report talks about short-term goals (such as “aim for big hits”), as well as longer-term plans on how to keep this recent bit of momentum going.

The first part of Sega’s plan involves expanding their reach on the PC by developing more titles based on existing properties and obtaining new properties in deals with outside developers. The publisher has already begun to follow through with this promise by re-launching Bayonetta and Vanquish through Steam.

But Sega also wants to bring back some of their classic game franchises and are planning a “Revival of major IPs” in the future. The report didn’t delve into which properties Sega is looking to revive, but the company’s back catalog offers a nearly unrivaled selection of characters to choose from. Personally, I’d love to see another chapter in the House of the Dead saga.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about Sega’s plans for the future soon.

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