Visor sees everything in the latest Quake Champions trailer

The Quake ChampionsLarge Scale Technical Test” begins this Friday, May 12, but Bethesda and id Software have decided to whet our appetite for destruction with a small appetizer… a sneak peek at the newest Champion to enter the Arena, Visor.

Here’s what players can expect when they encounter the “Cybernetic Clone,” straight from the developer:

Visor (Cybernetic Clone)
Now – let’s turn our attention to Visor. Another veteran Champion returning from the bloody halls of Quake III: Arena, this cybernetic clone is as cold as the Russian winters of his youth. His mutilated body — impervious to panic or pain — is the result of attempts by Moscow’s GRU to create the perfect infantry; his grafted mask is filled with putrefied blood that allows him to see through matter with his Piercing Sight Active Ability. And he has unlimited speed with his Passive Ability. That’s a vicious combination for Deathmatch and an absolute killer in Duel.

Active Ability – Piercing Sight: You can’t hide from Visor. Using his Piercing Sight Active Ability, Visor can briefly see through all matter, glimpsing foes as outlines running behind walls. You might think you’re sneaking up on Visor, but he’s probably waiting for you with a tasty Rail Gun gift. Твоё здоровье!

Passive Ability – Grasshopper: Speed kills. Are you sick of all those psychotic Anarkis hoverboarding around the Arenas, turning it “up to eleven” all over your face? Visor’s Passive evens the playing field. Grasshopper allows Visor to continually gain speed when strafe-jumping – with no cap. Skilled players will be able to keep up with anyone, even that drug-addled freak.

If you haven’t signed up for Quake Champions’s “Large Scale Technical Test” yet, there’s still time to request a key. All you have to do is head over to now and fill out a short form.

Bethesda is also encouraging fans to join the “Large Scale Technical Test” so they can practice for the first Quake Champions tournament, which will be held at this year’s Quakecon. A qualifying round for the tournament, which will feature Duel and Sacrifice Mode, will be held in June.

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