Xbox Store Today: The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 5, Tokyo 42, Victor Vran, more

Nine new Xbox One games are now available to download through the Xbox Games Store, but we’re shining a spotlight on three of them…

Telltale Games has finished up another season of their epic Walking Dead adaptations with The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 5: From the Gallows. Javier and Clementine are in trouble again, and players will have to decide who to trust and who to protect (Clementine… the correct answer to both questions is Clementine).

Also available to download today is Tokyo 42, a “hyper-stylish” isometric open-world shooter from Mode 7 Games. Set in a micro-sized and “ultra-colorful” version of Tokyo, players will blast their way through a strange story of assassins, espionage, and intrigue.

Finally today, Haemimont Games will bring Victor Vran to the Xbox One. The Diablo-like overhead action RPG was originally released for the PC in 2015, and players will be able unleash hell on a horde of demons with “a monumental arsenal of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers, and fate-binding destiny cards.”

More information on all of these games (and six other new releases) can be found after the break.

Xbox One Games

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 5: From the Gallows
Walkers flood the New Frontier camp, leaving Javier, Clementine, and their allies in a tight spot. Tensions within the Garcia family rise to a boiling point. With past promises looming over your head, how will you choose who to trust, and who to protect? In “From the Gallows,” the epic finale of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, you will find out just how heavy the consequences of your actions can be.

Tokyo 42
Tokyo 42 is a hyper-stylish isometric open-world shooter. Framed for a murder you didn’t commit, you’ll delve into a world of assassins, deadly corporate intrigue and… tactical cats. Spin the camera to see every angle of this beautifully hand-crafted micro Tokyo, as you discover a huge range of weapons, secrets, and stories. Skillful shooting, bullet physics, sneaky stealth, and crowd simulation all play a role in this ultra-colorful kinetic frenzy. A single player open-world story mode and a host of multiplayer modes await in this unique and critically acclaimed action masterpiece.

Victor Vran
Become Victor, hunter of demons. Forge your own hero on a quest to liberate the cursed city of Zagoravia. Look your very best and reinforce your play style with a monumental arsenal of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers, and fate-binding destiny cards. Redefine how you play at any moment, even in the heat of battle.

Everspace (Xbox Play Anywhere)
Everspace is an action-focused single-player space shooter combining roguelike elements with top-notch visuals and a captivating non-linear story. It takes you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, yet beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. Your skills, experience and talent for improvisation will be tested continuously while learning about your own existence through encounters with interesting characters, each having their own part of the puzzle to tell.

Lock’s Quest
You play as Lock, a boy who stumbles upon an invasion of his Village, which triggers a wider war between Kingdom Force and a revived Clockwork Army, led by the nefarious Lord Agony. A gripping story unfolds as you progress through 75 Days of warfare, across a dozen unique maps, aided by a collection of turrets, traps and special attacks. Experience the game as it was meant to be, with a high-quality soundtrack, new high resolution portraits, and revised gameplay.

Join Crossout, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles! Choose your own battle strategy: The only thing that matters is the Survival and Victory!

Thea: The Awakening
Thea: The Awakening is a turn-based strategic survival game steeped in Slavic myth and monstrosity set after an apocalyptic force known only as The Darkness has engulfed the world. There are Strigas and Baba Yagas aplenty, but there are no heroes, no monster slayers, and no great armies capable of banishing them. You have only a few hopeless and starving survivors who are desperately trying to stay alive. You are their last and only true hope!

Star Balls
Star Balls offers unique game play, sci-fi, physics tricks and adventure to bring fun to a new dimension. Immerse yourself in the most addictive casual available. Launch Orbit, Tess La Coil, or Torque through a gigantic spaceship, avoiding black holes, flames, and killer maintenance bots to win your way to freedom!

Dragon Bros
Robots are everywhere! They’ve conquered the whole planet, destroyed the place you used to call home and kidnapped your dragon-mom. That’s not right, bros! Definitively not right. The only cure for this terrible mess is to exterminate those cranky machines with bullets and big explosions! Play as a young dragon in this 2D retro run and gun adventure, in co-op or solo. Armed with shotguns and laser cannons, free your mom from the evil Mechaliches!

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