Daily Scoop: June 5, 2017 – E3 PC Gaming Event at Amazon

If you’ve been following the Scoop for the last few weeks, you know that our regular Scoop Leader has been away on a clandestine assignment in South America, and that recently she has gone to do some rogue research. After the last communique received from Nicole, from a mysterious and unknown locale, I decided to try to find her and bring her back home. For it was possible whatever mission she had been sent on had made her insane. As I began my journey, I remembered her messages, her ominous words echoing through my head; nightmares of sentient beings, of snails slithering upon razor’s edge, of the impossibility of describing the true nature of horror to one who has never seen its face. And I knew it was time to bring her home. How could I know then what I know now?

My absence last week was regrettable, but necessary. And if you’ll indulge me this week, I shall, piece by piece, reveal the chapters of my journey into wilderness and fear. But first, the sales.

Humble has an Adult Swim Games Bundle this week, which includes Small Radios Big Televisions, Wasted, Westerado: Double Barreled, and Volgarr the Viking. Beat the average to also receive Duck Game, Rise and Shine, and Headlander, and add Glittermitten Grove, Rain World, and Frog Fractions 2 at the $12+ tier. A Duck Game White Duck plush is also available to those who pay $25 or more for this bundle. And just a reminder that the GameOn Bundle has one day left on it, so if you’re interested you’d better hurry.

In honor of this year’s E3 Expo, Amazon is currently hosting a huge E3 PC Gaming Event. Discounted games include Doom (for about $10 off), well as Civilization VI and Mass Effect: Andromeda ($20 off each). They also have major discounts on accessories and hardware, and Promo Code “20OFFE3” will get you a further 20% off on select items. The sale ends June 17th, but take a look sooner rather than later so you don’t miss anything!

And now, shirts!

TeeFury has one of my all-time favorite shirts today, “Standard Nerds.”

The Yetee has one in a similar vein, “Balloo-limpah!”

And “Boo vs. Angel” is over at BustedTees.

So don’t blink or you’ll miss these awesome shirts!

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