Superhot and Superhot VR will be available for PS4 this Summer

Team Superhot slowed down the first person shooter genre in 2016 with Superhot, their game where “Times Only Moves When You Move.” Earlier this week, they confirmed the game will make its debut on the PS4 this Summer, and it’ll be bundled with Superhot VR, its VR-focused spinoff.

Team Superhot’s Tom Kaczmarczyk relayed the good news on the PlayStation Blog:

Superhot is the FPS where time moves only when you do. We started building it over three years ago and with lots of outstanding support from Kickstarter and the gaming community, we rolled it out for PC last year to raving reviews and critical acclaim. It was immediately picked up and touted as the most disrupting thing in the genre, proving that there was still more to be discovered in the 25 year old art of FPS game design. Superhot proved that you can make players feel like the most badass of action heroes and cranked it all the way up to eleven.

In case you missed Superhot last year, the developer also unveiled a brand new trailer for the game at this year’s E3 Expo, and its been embedded above.

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