Content Crash #10: Gamescom 2017 Preview

What’s going on everyone? Welcome to the Content Crash podcast, I am your host, Dan Hartnack. With me this time is my co-host, Keno Eastmond.

This week we’re going to give you a preview of Gamescom 2017. If you’re familiar, Gamescom is the European version of E3. It’s held annually in Cologne, Germany, and it’s been around since 2009. A lot of the European developers use Gamescom to show off their stuff and it’s held in mid-August as something of a followup to E3.

The show’s going to kick off on August 22, so let’s get to it.

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Dan Hartnack is an old school gamer since the early 90s. He has been writing and doing reviews as a games journalist for three years.

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