Xbox Store Today: Jump Step Step, King of Fighters 96

Two new additions to the Xbox Games Store will help usher in the weekend.

First up is Jump Step Step, a “relaxing puzzle game” from Phung Games that asks players to help a robot named Bob find his lost limbs (insert your C-3PO jokes here). Players won’t control Bob directly in the isometric puzzler, instead inputting a sequence of commands that hopefully allows them to reach the exit.

Also available to download today is The King of Fighters 96, the third game in the famed SNK fighting franchise, and the second chapter of the “Orochi Trilogy.” This time around, players will be able to choose from 27 different characters.

You can learn more about both games after the break.

Xbox One Games

Jump, Step, Step
Jump, Step, Step is a relaxing puzzle game where you help Bob (a short-circuited robot) finding his lost limbs, collecting missing parts to repair a broken spaceship and finally discover what really happened to him. However, you don’t control Bob directly, instead, you would setup a sequence of commands like Forward, Wait, Turn Left, Turn Right, Jump etc and then once you are confident that the sequence would guide Bob to the next checkpoint, you press “Play” and Bob will follow them faithfully. If you just like a normal old platforming gameplay, you can control Bob directly later in the game after you completed one run.

The King of Fighters 96
The King of Fighters 96 is a fighting game released by SNK in 1996. A total of 27 playable characters are available. New game mechanics such as the Emergency Evasion, short and mid-hops make their entry for the first time in the legendary Series, adding a new depth to the fights. The story focuses on the second chapter of the Orochi trilogy.

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