Content Crash #12: Should Game Journalists Be Good at Games?

Welcome everyone to the Content Crash podcast. I’m your host, Dan Hartnack. And with me, as always, is Keno Eastmond.

We’re chasing a number of stories this time including another look back at Gamescom 2017 and PAX West 2017 and the possible plotline for Half-Life 2: Episode 3. But the one discussion I’d like to have is if game journalists should be good at game.

This question came about because a journalist from VentureBeat uploaded a video of a playthrough of Cuphead. Recorded during Gamescom, Cuphead is an upcoming side-scrolling shooter with a highly-stylized Disney feel, and it looks amazing. But anyway, the journalist uploaded a video of his experience with Cuphead and he is just downright bad at the game.

So, should game journalists be good at games? Let’s discuss it.

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Dan Hartnack is an old school gamer since the early 90s. He has been writing and doing reviews as a games journalist for three years.

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