Kickstart This! The French Are Coming!

A little while ago in a string of Kickstart This! posts, I teased that I would cover a French game in the future. That future is now. There are not one but two two brilliant games currently seeking donations on Kickstarter from the country that gave us cafetiere coffee and the Etch A Sketch. So let’s give these hard-working developers the kindness and support that this holiday season is meant to be about.

What have you got, France?

Project: AcidSoul
Developer: Destroy Command Studios
Genre: Action Adventure Air Hockey game
Platform: PC / Mac
Funding Target: €8,500

What Is It?
The spiritual successor to Shufflepuck Cafe, a game that made the original Apple Mac computer amazing. Players would challenge the odd and otherworldly denizens of a cafe to a game of air hockey, each game growing tougher than the last.

AcidSoul takes this idea and runs with it, adding in elements from other genres like RPGs and beat ’em ups. There are currently plans for a roster of 17 unique enemies to battle, as well as several bosses who can be finished off with Mortal Kombat-style fatalities. More are planned, with each one opening up a new chapter of a hand-drawn story for players to follow.

Not only that, but the fast-paced air hockey game has been made all the more thrilling with the addition of weapons, power-ups, and environmental impacts to the game, depending on what arena players find themselves in. Characters can go on side quests, and be equipped with powers they win through playing.

Why Fund It?
Before I even saw the words Shuttlepuck Cafe on the Kickstarter page, the trailer created such a strong sense of deja vu that I started googling for it like crazy (I should have just moved my mouse down slightly). It was a simple game, but created in a style that grabbed your attention. AcidSoul does the same, creating a roster of characters inspired by 90s manga cartoons. Everything in the game is hand-drawn, from the characters to the trippy backdrops that the game is played in.

AcidSoul will also include online and local multiplayer. And in true 90s fashion, local multiplayer will use the popular splitscreen. It will also feature several synthwave bands such as Dance with the Dead, with exciting tracks to match the breakneck speed of the air puck.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – €14 (20 earlybirds get exclusive signed digital artwork)
  • Previous rewards, plus digital art book and 4K wallpaper – €29
  • Previous rewards, plus beta access – €39 (75 earlybirds for €34)
  • Previous rewards, plus pre-alpha access – €49
  • A group donation, with four copies of the game, digital art books, and exclusive art – €65
  • Previous single rewards, plus help design an in-game item and unique power – €75
  • Previous single rewards, plus an exclusive Kickstarter character to play as – €99

Hold on to your pucks, because we’re not quite done yet!

Project: Papy Boom
Developer: Break & Fun
Genre: Geri-Action-Strategy
Platform: PC / Mobile
Funding Target: €50,000

What Is It?
There just aren’t enough old people in games. There are certainly characters getting older, or those that retain their youthful looks despite their age, but what about the grandmas and grandpas of the world? Why don’t they get to star in a video game?

Well, now they do! Papy Boom has players assemble a team of pensioners who are gripping to the last vestiges of life like dentures to gums. Together they must thwart the oncoming skeletal armies of the Grim Reaper in a series of stunning museum settings.

Each character will have different skills and attributes to unleash on the demon horde, including weapons such as canes, walkers, and dog bites. They even wield the most deadly weapon of all… the sly fart.

Why Fund It?
Developers Sébastien Paya and Thibault Metairie are clearly having a lot of fun with this game, playing with and then parodying stereotypes about old people. They manage to do both of these almost effortlessly while at the same time creating a fun and addictive strategy game. Their humour translates very well, with the art style and comedy evoking a strong sense of Family Guy.

The initial base game will feature 10 different types of skeletal enemies, but the campaign’s stretch goals hint at a grander plan. The development team has envisioned online scoreboards, co-op, and PVP modes, along with more characters for the players to push out onto the field, and more levels to explore.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – €15
  • Previous rewards, plus beta access – €20
  • Previous rewards, plus extra digital copy of game and additional beta access – €30
  • Previous rewards, plus Kickstarter exclusive character skins and digital wallpaper – €40
  • Previous rewards, plus alpha access and digital copy of soundtrack – €50
  • Previous rewards, plus digital artbook – €100
  • Previous rewards, plus physical art book – €300

Jusqu’à la Prochaine Fois…
Both of these games are struggling to get donations at the moment, so help spread the word and bring some Christmas cheer to France this year! Joyeux Noel et bonne année!

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