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In addition to being Warp Zoned's UK Correspondent, Andrew Rainnie is a screenwriter and filmmaker. You can email him at andrew AT warpzoned DOT com or you can, if you're inclined, visit his personal website.

Kickstart This! Ira, Izle, Upside-Down Dimensions

Apologies for the absence of Kickstart This! on Warp Zoned in March, but my sister decided to get married and then invite a few of us to join them in New York for the first leg of their honeymoon (not as weird as it sounds). While seeing the many sights the Big Apple had to offer, and munching my way through the trifecta of pizza, pretzel, and hot dog, I managed to pop into Nintendo World at Rockefeller Plaza. It was great to meet and play with some American gamers, though my girlfriend dragged me out before I was able to buy some of the amazing tees on sale. It re-invigorated my love for video games, which everyone needs once in a while. Sometimes we all go through slumps where our enthusiasm wanes, and for much of March I was stuck in one.

But I have crossed back over the Atlantic buzzing to play some great games, and help fund some beautiful and unique ones on Kickstarter. This week, I’m travelling into space with Ira, creating new lands in Izle, and becoming a papercraft samurai in Upside-Down Dimensions. (more…)

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10 Actresses We Think Could Play Zelda in The Legend of Zelda TV Series


The three corners of the Triforce are now complete as we’ve come to end of our Casting Ideas for Netflix’s rumored adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. This time we shine a spotlight on the titular character, Princess Zelda, after previously posting our picks for Link and Ganondorf. Zelda has had an interesting development arc during the saga, from being the damsel in distress to becoming a woman of action, notably through her alter ego Sheik, one of the legendary Shiekah (“Shadow Folk”).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to begin. (more…)

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10 Actors We Think Could Play Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda TV Series


A good hero is only as good as his villain, and Link has had many, but Ganondorf (or Ganon), is his greatest nemesis, seeking out the pieces of Triforce which Link and Zelda strive to protect time and time again. How Ganondorf will be imagined on screen in Netflix’s rumored Legend of Zelda series is anyone’s guess. while Link and Zelda have largely remained the same throughout all the games, he clothed in a green tunic, she dressed in a regal dress (or prancing about in a ninja outfit as Shiek), Ganondorf’s appearance has undergone regular transformations. The one possibly best suited for TV is the humanoid Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where he is a leader of desert bandits known as the Gerudo. They might lose the green skin and bright ginger hair as well, but whoever they choose to play him will have to embody his power-hungry desire and brooding, dark presence.

With our picks for Link already locked in, we focus on the King of Thieves next. (more…)

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Kickstart This! Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, Glitch Hunter, Sneaky Ninja

Recently in the UK, pressure has been building against HSBC Bank after the shoddy dealings and tax evasion tactics of their Swiss subsidiary. The US Government has previously brought the bank to account for its association with Mexican drug cartels, but so far the British government has only charged one person with tax evasion.

What has this to do with gaming? On the surface, nothing. But if all these ultra-rich people were paying their taxes instead of working so hard to avoid them, our fragile economy may have recovered quicker, wages may have risen, and more people would have spare money to spend on things they want, like funding games. It’s hard not to be bitter when developers work so hard to try and get a project off the ground, while some shady businessmen and shadier criminals pay dodgy banks to hide their money.

I digress. This week’s Kickstart This! features a trio of smashing titles, starting with action adventure game Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, digital cyberpunk collectible card game Glitch Hunter, and stealth 2D platformer Sneaky Ninja.

Let’s sneak right in. (more…)

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10 Actors We Think Could Play Link in The Legend of Zelda TV Series


Marvel must have thought they had the gong for news of year all sewn up when they announced their deal with Sony to finally allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And then rumours started swirling that two mighty Ns, Netflix and Nintendo, were possibly going to collaborate on a TV adaptation of Nintendo’s long-running RPG series, The Legend of Zelda. Suddenly, Spider-Man was yesterday’s news. After all, we have already had two versions of the wallcrawler spanning five movies. But ever since the trainwreck that was the Super Mario Bros. movie, Nintendo has been hesitant to allow its characters to star in a live-action film.

Until now. Hopefully. Though there has been no official statement from either party, so the news that set the Internet aflame is currently nothing more than rumour and conjecture. Yet, it has not stopped many, including myself, from wondering what shape or form it may take – a more family friendly Game of Thrones? Or Lord of the Rings for the streaming masses?

Before we go spending our rupees on a Netflix membership, let us have a look at which actors and actresses would be best suited for the trio of main characters, starting with the hero, Link. Will they cast an adult in the role, a boy, or maybe even both, as Link has appeared as many different ages throughout the years (sometimes even in the same game). Given the age we live in, where everything is reimagined with gritty realism, I imagine Link will be a teenager/young man, at least for the majority of the series. (more…)

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Kickstart This! Orphan, Izzy’s Revenge, Orion Trail

How did it get to be February so soon? Now that the longest month of the year (in terms of having no money) is done and dusted, we can look forward to funding an exciting plethora of new video games that need a little help to push them from cool concepts into coffee-fueled development.

This week we have Limbo-esque puzzle-platformer Orphan, comic-style 2D platformer Izzy’s Revenge, and finally Star Trek-inspired space adventure comedy Orion Trail. Let us boldly go where many men and women have gone before! (more…)

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Opinion: Kickstarters Need To Kick It Up A Gear


It’s the start of a new year, which means analysts are pouring over statistics from the previous 365 days, especially to do with the weird and wonderful world of crowdfunding, which still appears to be more of an art than a science.

So what have we learned? Kickstarter revealed that investment in the Games category is down to $89.1 million in 2014, compared to $105.6 million the previous year. Yet successful projects were up from 1,481 to 1,979. That’s nearly a difference of 500, suggesting investors are backing smaller projects that have a larger chance of success. According to Kickstarter’s own stats, the overall rate of success for Games is 34.18%, 5.5% less than the total success rate of the site, which sits at 39.68%.

In short, video games donations and numbers were down.

A lot. (more…)

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Kickstart This! Elventales, Threshold, Maestros of the Anthymn

After an extended Christmas break, Kickstart This! is back with a vengeance, sifting through the crowdfunding projects of early 2015 to find those few that stand out from the digital masses. And even better, Kickstarter has now dropped Amazon payments in favour of payment system Stripe, which means not only is it easier for developers to set up payments, but there are also fewer steps for players to make them. Everyone wins.

This week there is top-down RPG Elventales: A Path Foreseen, beautiful hand-painted 2D platformer Threshold, and finally, episodic fantasy adventure tale Maestros of the Anthymn.

Let the adventure begin! (more…)

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